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King's cake at the office, a real tradition in France

Paul Pouhin
1 min2020-01-06

Long live the kings!

Apparently, the French like to celebrate the Epiphany... unless it's because they have a sweet tooth for the frangipane cake. Indeed, more than 78% of French people are in favour of celebrating the king's cake at work. Moreover, 71% say that a tasting will be organised in their company this year.

A celebration among colleagues

However, this celebration is not an official event. More than 69% of companies surveyed admit that the king cake is not organised by the company but by the employees themselves. Only 38% of French companies offer this tasting to their employees.

A convivial moment above all

This holiday, which was originally religious, now seems to be more of a convivial event between colleagues, as 58% of companies state. However, 31% of respondents see it as an embarrassing obligation...

A little bit of hazing...

If the youngest person is forced to stand under the table in the family to choose the shares during the distribution, this also seems to be the case in companies (54% of cases). In almost one in two companies (42%), kings and queens are even obliged to kiss each other!

Many cakes without beans...

If the French seem to appreciate the King's cake, it is surprising to note that 59% of people who find the bean in their share will hide it so as not to have to wear the crown. This is probably due to shyness, fear of ridicule or to avoid having to buy another King's cake for all their colleagues!

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