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Desks1 to 114
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Office rental coworking Levallois 92 - Levallois Villiers. Deskeo offers coworking spaces and several private offices for rent at 100 rue de Villiers, spread across two floors. Each space provides a total area of 530m², accommodating up to 66 dedicated workstations. This bright and airy space features a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, and a large relaxation area with a shared terrace and garden. For private offices, various options are available, tailored to different capacity needs. The rate includes all office expenses (cleaning, electricity, wifi, etc.), access to shared spaces, weekly credits for meeting rooms, and a bike storage space available. Additionally, the building is equipped with an elevator.


Tailored to your needs

With Deskeo, we offer you an environment tailored to your requirements, whether you're looking for a private office or a coworking space. Our comprehensive package includes everything you need to focus entirely on growing your business: furniture, cleaning service, high-speed wifi, printer, coffee machine, water fountain, and much more. Additionally, our services cover all the expenses associated with your office, as well as access to various shared spaces such as the kitchen, relaxation areas, terrace, and private garden. You also have the option to reserve meeting rooms through a credit system, and you'll have a dedicated point of contact to address all your daily needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Interested in this space? Do not hesitate to contact us. More space to discover on Office Rental Ile-de-France.


private work space

Private work spaces

An office designed for you, equipped, operated and managed by Deskeo on a daily basis. Enjoy, we take care of everything. 

Ideal for teams of 10-200 people.

Entire building

Entire building

A building designed for you, to house your head office, with spaces equipped, operated and managed by Deskeo on a daily basis. Ideal for large teams looking for a space that reflects their image.

coworking space

Coworking spaces

A private work space within a shared Deskeo space. Benefit from shared services and meeting rooms.
Ideal for individuals and small teams of 1-10 people.


Why rent offices in Levallois-Perret?

The work environment near 100 Rue de Villiers in Levallois-Perret offers a unique combination of urban dynamism and tranquil amenities.

The Levallois Villiers neighborhood is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, boasting a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops nearby, providing employees with numerous options for lunches, coffee breaks, or post-work outings.

Moreover, the area is well-served by public transportation, with bus and metro stops just steps away, facilitating both professional and personal commuting for employees.

Despite this dynamic urban ambiance, the location at 100 Rue de Villiers also enjoys a certain tranquility, thanks to the presence of parks and green spaces nearby. This creates a pleasant balance between the hustle and bustle of city life and relaxing environments conducive to focus and creativity within the workspace.

In summary, renting offices at this location offers employees a stimulating and balanced work environment, combining urban amenities, accessibility, and tranquility.


Where to eat in Levallois-Perret?

Around 100 Rue de Villiers in Levallois-Perret, several dining options await you for lunch. The culinary environment is diverse, with establishments offering cuisine to suit all tastes.

You can opt for a relaxed break at Le Pain Quotidien, which offers a selection of healthy and fresh dishes in a friendly atmosphere. For a traditional French bistro experience, La Petite Table provides a warm ambiance accompanied by authentic dishes.

Japanese cuisine enthusiasts will find their happiness at Sushi Shop, offering a wide range of fresh sushi to take away or enjoy on-site. If you prefer a good French burger, Big Fernand is the perfect place to savor original creations in a relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, for a quick yet flavorful option, La Boîte à Pizza offers a variety of wood-fired pizzas to take away or deliver.

These establishments represent just a sample of the culinary diversity available in Levallois-Perret, offering choices for every palate and preference.


Where to have a drink in Levallois-Perret?

Around 100 rue de Villiers in Levallois, several places offer you the opportunity to enjoy a drink in a varied and friendly atmosphere. You can head to the Bar du Marché, a lively spot where you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks, from classics to original creations, in a convivial atmosphere. Le Petit Journal Montparnasse is also an interesting option, a café-theater where you can enjoy a drink while enjoying various shows, ranging from comedy to theater. For a more intimate experience, La Tête à l'Envers is a cozy wine bar where you can savor a selection of quality wines accompanied by cheese and charcuterie boards. If you prefer cocktails, head to Le Canaillou, a trendy bar offering original creations in a modern decor and lively atmosphere. Finally, the Bistrot des Vosges is a traditional venue offering a warm atmosphere and a variety of drinks, perfect for a relaxed evening with friends. These establishments guarantee you an enjoyable experience to share a moment of relaxation over a drink in the lively neighborhood of Levallois.












tea point

Tea point










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