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SumUp redesigns its offices with Deskeo

Paul Pouhin
4 min2023-03-28

After six years in the same offices, SumUp called on Deskeo to completely rethink its spaces and adapt them to new working methods. Dimitri Farber, POS Operations at SumUp and Jade Clouet, Furniture Manager at Deskeo, give you the details of this beautiful collaboration.



SumUp is THE contactless electronic payment terminal that, since its launch in 2012, has continued to offer solutions that make life easier for merchants.

Their goal: for their customers to succeed while doing what they really love. So we'll let you imagine what they're willing to do for their employees.

With a multicultural team of over 3,000 people, spread over 15 hubs in Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan, the company has been growing rapidly for several years. They wanted to completely redesign their Paris offices, where 300 employees have been working for the past 6 years. A major project that our Design & Build teams took on!

New cycle, new offices

Deskeo's Design & Build teams have embarked on a complete redesign of their offices, keeping the DNA but also the values of the company: pleasure, audacity, ambition, hard work, team spirit...

The programme: recreate pleasant and agile spaces with an eco-responsible approach.

Deskeo therefore studied the working methods of the SumUp teams to create modular and unique spaces, 100% in line with the way the company operates. For example, we added new meeting rooms to facilitate collaboration.

Work, site supervision, selection of furniture, installation... we accompanied them from A to Z in this project so that they could concentrate fully on their activity.

Bringing employees back to the office

We find the plant spirit on the logo and in all the spaces, including the crazy challenge of recreating an urban jungle in the plaza (their common space)... In order to stick to the values of the company but also to bring something new, impossible to reproduce in one's living room.

One of the most important points was to recreate life at work. The brief was very clear and above all very committed: to reuse existing furniture and integrate second-hand furniture. Obviously, this spoke to us!

Through this redevelopment project, SumUp wanted to offer spaces with a real living space to facilitate exchanges and collaboration.

One of the most important points was to propose redesigned spaces for everyday life and to recreate life at work. The brief was very clear, and above all very committed: to reuse existing furniture and integrate second-hand furniture. Naturally, it speaks to us!

And it works: more and more employees are returning to the office and openly expressing their pleasure! "It gives you a boost when you arrive in the morning" says Dimitri.

The final word

"I would 100% recommend Deskeo for a fit-out, a refit, and to create an office that looks like you." - Dimitri Farber, POS Operations at SumUp.

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