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Discover PlayPlay's new headquarters

Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
2 min2024-07-03

PlayPlay, a company specialized in video creation, recently commissioned Deskeo to find and fit out its new Paris office. The choice fell on a 900 m² duplex workspace, able to accommodate up to 120 employees, located on rue de Rivoli in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Here's a look back at the project!

Nos espaces de travail

About PlayPlay

Founded in 2017, PlayPlay aims to make video creation accessible to everyone, without the need for specific technical skills. Their platform allows users to create professional videos in minutes thanks to an intuitive, user-friendly interface.


As part of this collaboration, the main objective was to create a bright, friendly working environment in a lively, hyper-central neighborhood for their young, dynamic teams.

PlayPlay was looking for open, modular workspaces that could be adapted to the different needs of the team, while benefiting from a high quality of natural lighting and outdoor spaces conducive to pleasant breaks.

A workspace to match their ambitions

Deskeo took charge of every stage of the project, from the search for the ideal location to the final fit-out.

In partnership with PlayPlay, we designed a space that reflects the company's dynamic and innovative image. Showers were even integrated into the layout, to meet the needs of PlayPlay's athletes. This addition demonstrates our ability to tailor spaces to our customers' specific requirements.

Once again, many thanks to PlayPlay for their confidence, and congratulations to our entire team for their excellent work. Would you like us to help you design and create your own space? Deskeo puts its teams of experts at your disposal with its Design & Build offer.

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