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Sunrock rents and fits out its offices with Deskeo

Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
2 min2024-02-12

A pioneer in renewable energy, Sunrock chose Deskeo to find and fit out its new Paris offices! Their objective? Develop a space for 20 workstations to support their growth. Challenge accepted! 

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About Sunrock 

Sunrock is much more than just a company. It embodies boldness and innovation in the field of renewable energy. As the market leader in rooftop photovoltaic installations in the Netherlands, Sunrock has made its mark by pushing back the boundaries of solar technology.

What makes Sunrock even more inspiring is its mission. It has set itself the goal of democratizing intelligent solar solutions for businesses. 

At Deskeo, we're proud to work with partners who share our values. Commitment to the environment and innovation is at the heart of our DNA. That's why Sunrock is an ideal partner for Deskeo.

Project challenges 

Sunrock's decision to locate in our space in the 9th arrondissement of Paris was the fruit of a great deal of thought. At Deskeo, we recognize the importance of finding a location that not only meets their practical requirements, but also reflects their values.

After analyzing their specific needs, our teams set about designing a space that would reflect their image. And so it was at 10 rue de la Victoire that the Sunrock teams decided to set up shop in 200 square meters of space! In just 15 days, the space was totally transformed, imbued with the very essence of the brand thanks to genuine branding work and the creation of a meeting room.

The inauguration of their colorful new space was a warm and convivial moment, marked by a lunch where the Sunrock teams got together. 

A huge thank you to the entire Sunrock team for their confidence, and of course, a huge bravo to our teams who, thanks to their work, transform workspaces in the blink of an eye! 

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