Coronavirus & teleworking: 76% of French people already miss their office

Paul Pouhin
4 min2020-03-26

Key findings:

  • 70% of French people are currently teleworking
  • 32% work more than usual in the home office
  • 51% do not take a lunch break every day
  • 76% already miss their offices
  • Zero transport: 54% take the opportunity to cook and 52% to sleep more!
  • 74% have no time for their colleagues during the day
  • 81% of French people are afraid of losing their job in the current situation

Home office nation

The vast majority of French people rigorously apply the containment policy. Less than one in three (29%) say they continue to work at their usual place of work. On the other hand, 59% of French people say they work from home and 11% from their second home. Among these 70% of teleworkers, 89% are not used to working remotely and are therefore discovering the home office.

Poorly equipped...

Among the advice given by professionals on how to organise themselves effectively when teleworking, the fact of having a dedicated room to isolate oneself comes up systematically. Unfortunately, this recommendation only applies to a minority of French people. In fact, more than 73% of the people questioned do not have a dedicated space for the home office.

What impact on working hours?

As far as working hours are concerned, half of the French have noticed the difference since the beginning of the lockdown. Thus, 32% of those surveyed feel that they work longer than usual, while 1 in 5 French people admit to working less than in normal times. For the latter, the general drop in activity observed over the last few days throughout France is certainly linked to this drop in activity.

The lunch break goes by the wayside

Even if they are at home, half of French people (51%) who currently telework find it difficult to take a proper lunch break every day. In detail, 37% of respondents have lunch occasionally and 14% continue to work at lunchtime.

More time for... work!

With the elimination of their daily commute, 59% of French people find that they work more. On the other hand, 54% of those surveyed use the time saved to cook and 52% to sleep a little more. At the same time, 38% take the opportunity to play with their children and 33% to do household chores. Sport (25%) and leisure activities (16%) are more difficult to access during this period of confinement, even if we note that more men overall take time for themselves.

Away from colleagues

To maintain a social link with their colleagues, 74% of those surveyed do... not much. Indeed, while 29% communicate regularly by telephone, very few French people use the technological means at their disposal to share their lunches (2%), happy hours (2%) or their coffee breaks (1%) by videoconference.

Double trouble

In addition to the fear of being affected by the coronavirus, 79% of men and more than 83% of women admit to being extremely afraid of losing their jobs in the current situation. The support measures put in place by the Government, and in particular the possibility of resorting to partial unemployment, should make it possible to support businesses throughout the crisis.

Missing an office

No doubt few people would have answered this question in the affirmative under normal circumstances, but today more than 73% of men and 79% of women admit to missing their daily workspace. The French are therefore already impatient to get back to their offices, which bodes well for an emotional reunion at the end of the confinement!

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