holidays and teleworking

Holidays, teleworking and prospects for the new school year... How do the French organise themselves?

Paul Pouhin
2 min2021-06-16

Key findings:

  • 61% of French people disagree with the bill that would require them to take 8 days off this summer.
  • The majority of French people are planning to work from their holiday location. This could have a negative impact on their productivity, according to 62% of respondents, and on their ability to "disconnect".
  • When the summer comes, 42% of French people plan to be in the office every day.

How many days of holiday this summer?

The majority of French people plan to take a holiday this summer. Only 27% of them plan to take less than two weeks off and more than 57% plan to go away for a fortnight or more.

Mandatory holidays?

Many companies close their doors during the summer and therefore impose a specific holiday period. Thus, almost 55% of French people are encouraged by their employer to take their holidays in July or August.

37% of French people are not at all aware of the bill allowing employers to impose up to 8 days of leave before 31 October and over 61% disagree with this possibility.

French holidays!

Due to the health crisis, a large majority (88%) of French people plan to spend their holidays in France this summer. Only 12% have decided to brave all the dangers and various constraints and travel beyond our borders.

Telework is also a must on holiday

This summer, 54% of French people plan to telework at their holiday destination. For the majority of the French concerned (62%), this mode of organisation will certainly have an impact on their productivity.

Increasingly difficult to disconnect?

On the other hand, 58% of French people believe that it will be difficult to disconnect this summer, which may be due to the consequences of an organisation that includes teleworking on the boundary between professional and personal life.

Back to school or back to home?

Back to school means back to the office: 63% of French people plan to spend at least three days in the office in September, and 42% plan to be in the office every day of the week.

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