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What do employees expect from their offices? The Deskeo study

What do employees expect from their offices? The Deskeo study

Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
3 min2024-05-30

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of work has profoundly evolved and changed employees' expectations regarding their workspaces. As specialists in office design, we have undertaken a study to better understand the new priorities of French employees in terms of office spaces.

Without further ado, discover an overview of our survey results, highlighting the main expectations and current trends.

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Comfort and location as top priorities

The vast majority of French employees are satisfied with their current offices, with 70.2% expressing a positive opinion. However, nearly 30% believe that the layout of their workspace is not satisfactory. Among the most important criteria for a good work environment, comfort ranks highest (76%), followed by the geographical location of the offices (73%) and the quality of the wifi connection (71%). These elements are crucial to ensure a pleasant and productive work environment.

Other essential criteria

Besides the top three criteria, other important aspects include:

  • Parking (64%): The availability of parking spaces is a major criterion for many employees.
  • Design Furniture (59%): Aesthetic and functional furniture contributes to well-being at work.
  • Catering Services (34%): The possibility of dining on-site is appreciated.
  • Relaxation Areas (31%): Spaces to relax are essential for well-being.
  • Specific Places for Phone Calls (23%): Phone booths or dedicated spaces for calls are necessary for concentration and confidentiality.
  • Events and Activities (19%): Company-organized activities strengthen team cohesion.
  • Concierge Services (17%): Although sometimes underutilized, this service remains appreciated by a minority of employees.

The impact of Covid on office layout

The pandemic has pushed employers to rethink their workspaces. 66.8% of employees find their offices more beautiful and better equipped than before the pandemic. However, a minority believes that the quality of the offices has not changed (20.8%) or even deteriorated (12.4%).

Sustainable furniture and work environment

The sustainability of furniture is also a growing concern. 85.9% of employees consider it important that their employer adopts a concrete policy regarding sustainable furniture. This environmental awareness reflects an increased consciousness of ecological issues among employees.

Towards hotel-inspired offices

For Kim Le, CMO of Deskeo, the future of offices is leaning towards unique, lifestyle, and experiential workspaces inspired by hospitality codes. This hospitality-focused approach aims to create a work environment enriched by value-added services, thus fostering team cohesion, creativity, and a sense of belonging to the company.

At Deskeo, we continuously innovate to meet these expectations and create work environments that combine functionality and well-being. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in designing your office spaces!

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