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Deskeo in Swile's 2024 HR calendar

Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
2 min2023-12-21

The HR calendar is the must-have HR content to download in 2024: an invaluable resource developed by Swile to visualize at a glance the year's key dates and content (over 200!), automatically synchronize them in your diary... and anticipate actions to optimize the employee experience

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When Swile asked us to be part of a group of 10 experts to enrich the 2024 version of the tool on the theme of "Workspace", we accepted without hesitation!

Workplace hybridization, responsible office, office design, furniture, decoration... Every month, discover our tips, tricks, analyses and expert content to help you improve your workspace.

Thanks to Swile for thinking of us, and congratulations on this cutting-edge HR calendar, available for free here.

Find out what's on the HR calendar!

The 2024 edition has been designed in partnership with leading HR experts: Gymlib, Vendredi, Kanoon, Yaggo, Epsor, PayFit, Edflex, Moka.care and Swile. 9 major HR themes brought together in a single calendar.

Workspace with Deskeo

Improving employee well-being and productivity also involves the configuration of workspaces. In terms of equipment and layout, it's essential to optimize offices in an attractive way (while respecting ecological standards) to stimulate both individual concentration and team cohesion. From the layout of offices to meeting rooms and relaxation areas, every detail must be carefully considered.

Employee benefits with Epsor

To promote employee well-being at work, there's nothing like employee benefits to make a difference. From luncheon vouchers to mobility packages and telecommuting policies, there's no shortage of possible benefits. All that remains is to answer the crucial question: how do you implement these benefits, and where do you start?

Payroll with Payfit

Impeccable payroll management is invaluable. Yet payroll management can be a tricky business, requiring a meticulous and precise approach to avoid the mistakes and complications that can arise.

Recruiting with Yaggo

Once considered a secondary activity, the recruitment process is now recognized as one of the essential pillars for companies to unearth the ideal candidate, and every detail counts in order to stand out from the competition.

Training and development with Edflex

Many employees are considering training. You have several options for boosting employee commitment: setting up a training and career development program, combined with a development policy. Now is the time to take action!

Wellness and health with Moka.care & Gymlib

Well-being and mental health are more than just buzzwords in human resources this year: they're a growing requirement expressed by employees, but it's essential to know how to implement them properly.

Legal with Kanoon

Legal and employment law is one of the cornerstones of human resources, involving conventions, case law, regulations and other complex aspects. But how do you master the legal arsenal as an HR professional?

Corporate Social Responsibility with Friday

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is of paramount importance in office environments, but why is it so crucial?

Team building with Swile

Talent retention is a major challenge for human resources. Reinforcing team cohesion and a sense of belonging is an effective way of preventing your valuable employees from leaving.

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