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How to decorate your office for an inspiring and functional space?

Eléonore Obala
4 min2023-07-19

Your office is a place where you spend a large part of your time. So it's important to feel good there. And the best way to achieve this is to decorate it to create a space that feels like you and that boosts your productivity.

Wondering what you need to bear in mind when decorating your office? Want to know what the latest trends are? Then you've come to the right place!

In this article, Deskeo gives you all the tips you need for a perfectly organized, user-friendly office.

Office decor trends not to be missed

If you're here, it's because you know how important it is to decorate and furnish your office so that you feel good and work efficiently. The problem is, it's not always easy to find the right decorating ideas for a professional setting...

Rest assured Deskeo has studied the most popular decorating trends in 2023 and shares them with you. You can discover our office design offer.

A wooden desk for a warm ambience

Noble and timeless, wood has undeniable aesthetic qualities.

A veritable pass-all for decorating, this sustainable and environmentally-friendly material can come in a multitude of textures and shades. It will therefore be able to harmonize with all decorating styles so you can personalize your office to your taste.

So why not succumb to the authentic charm of a wooden desk to enhance your workspace?

Flowers and plants to breathe life and energy

Plants and flowers aren't just for decorating your office, they're also real allies for your health and well-being.

Introducing a little greenery into your workspace is therefore beneficial on several levels because :

  • Plants improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen.
  • They help reduce stress and promote concentration,
  • They add an undeniable aesthetic touch.

In short, they energize the space and stimulate your creativity so you can work in the best possible conditions.

Lighting, essential for an inspiring, comfortable office

Lighting plays a vital role in your workspace, as it directly influences your mood, your visual comfort and your productivity. So it's important to make the right choices.

Let's take a look at how to choose and customize light sources for an environment perfectly suited to your needs.

Choose the right light sources for the room

The key to successful lighting lies in the balance between natural and artificial light.

That's why it's vital to place (if possible) your desk near a window and make sure you don't block the sunlight with thick curtains or closed blinds.

When it comes to artificial lighting, avoid lights that are too white and harsh on the eyes. A desk lamp with an articulated arm is a wise choice, as it offers soft light that can be adapted to your needs.

For general room lighting, prefer bulbs that approximate natural light.

Finally, don't hesitate to personalize your space with original lighting fixtures to bring a unique touch to your office.

Customize your fixtures for a made-to-measure experience

Personalizing your workspace is essential if you are to make the environment your own and achieve your full potential. Lighting is no exception.

For example, depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for LED, halogen or classic bulbs.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but all allow you to adapt the light intensity to your needs.

Likewise, feel free to add :

  • garlands,
  • decorative lamps,
  • or wall sconces,

to add a touch of originality and create a unique ambience that reflects your personality.

You'll work in an inspiring, made-to-measure space!

Office accessories to combine aesthetics and practicality

Often overlooked, desk accessories have an essential role to play in decorating your office;

Storage accessories for optimum organization

Whether at work or in the home office, keeping a clean and tidy desk is essential for efficient working.

So don't hesitate to combine aesthetics and practicality by opting for functional, designer storage solutions such as :

  • metal shelves,
  • wall brackets,
  • boxes,
  • colorful storage boxes,
  • pots and cubbyholes,
  • etc.

The key to optimal organization lies in the ability to differentiate colors and types of storage according to your needs.

For example, store marketing reports in orange folders and financials in purple folders.

Decorative accessories to personalize your workspace

In addition to storage, decorative accessories help you feel good at your workstation.

It's these little details that will make all the difference, transforming your office into a unique space that reflects your image.

So you can opt for objects that reflect your tastes and interests, such as :

  • photo frames,
  • travel souvenirs,
  • or works of art that inspire you.

You can also add more playful elements, such as figurines or magnets.

The key is to create a personalized and comforting atmosphere that stimulates your creativity and makes you want to work every day with passion and enthusiasm.

Display your achievements for a stimulating and motivating space

Highlighting your successes and accomplishments can help you stay on track and motivated in your work. So don't hesitate to show off your achievements.

Create a wall of inspiration to keep you focused

There's nothing like a wall of inspiration (moodboard) to stay focused and motivated in your professional projects.

This mood board allows you to bring together various sources of inspiration in one place.

To create it :

  1. Start by defining your professional project.
  2. Collect images, photos, words, quotes and possibly objects that inspire you.
  3. Pull them and organize them on a physical medium (like a corkboard) or digital (using photo editing or design software).
  4. Explain your moodboard to your employees and/or colleagues to better share your vision and company objectives.

Frame and display your successes

To reinforce your sense of accomplishment and success, it's important to highlight your professional achievements.

Use frames or briefcases to display :

  • your certifications,
  • your diplomas,
  • or testimonials from satisfied customers.

You'll be regularly reminded of your qualities and gain in confidence, while adding an extra decorative touch to your office. So you'll be ready to take on new challenges with motivation and determination!

Personalize your workspace to create a stimulating and suitable environment

Good decorating practices may vary according to taste, but certain trends remain timeless and effective for furnishing your office.

Black and white for a touch of elegance

Black and white is a timeless and elegant color combination, ideal for decorating your office.

This combination avoids faux pas when it comes to harmony, and creates a striking contrast that energizes the space.

What's more, shades of black and white can be adapted to any decorating style, from minimalist to sophisticated.

Add a touch of color to boost mood

Colors have the power to influence our mood and state of mind. That's why it's important to add a touch of color to your office to create a stimulating and pleasant environment.

However, it's essential to keep an eye on the consistency and harmony of the shades chosen.

  • Opt for bright, warm colors to energize your space,
  • or opt for pastel tones to bring softness and serenity.

If you're unsure, combine a bright color with a more neutral tone (such as white or gray) for a balanced look.

The little extra tip: don't hesitate to paint a section of wall in a specific hue while keeping the other walls  of the room in neutral tones. This way, you'll add a touch of pep without going overboard.

Our maintenance and cleaning tips for a top-notch office

Finally, it's essential to look after your office and keep it in good condition to maintain a pleasant atmosphere and a stimulating environment.

Maintain your plants for a soothing workspace

Maintaining plants is crucial to ensuring their good health and taking full advantage of their benefits.

You must therefore take care to :

  1. Choose low-maintenance plants (aloe-vera, ficus...).
  2. Water them, adapting the frequency to the specific needs of each plant.
  3. Clean leaves regularly, removing dust with a soft, damp cloth.
  4. Make sure your plants have good lighting, by placing them near a window or under a special lamp if necessary.
  5. Pot them when their roots become too compact for the current pot.

Clean up your office for a clean, organized space

A clean and tidy office helps you think clearly and work in an environment conducive to concentration. To ensure a pleasant, serene atmosphere, adopt these cleaning tips:

  1. Clean your desk regularly to remove dust and fingerprints.
  2. Sort and tidy your documents.
  3. Don't leave garbage or personal items lying around your workspace.
  4. Don't forget to take care of your electronic equipment (computer, printer, etc.).

By following these simple tips, you'll maintain an attractive, clean and orderly work environment that's conducive to productivity!

What to keep in mind for an inspiring, functional office?

In short, whether you're in a home office or a company, your office is a place where you spend a good part of your time. So it's important to feel good about it. Take a look at some of our team's creations for inspiration!

So why not decorate it with a personal touch that will bring you the well-being you need and boost your productivity?

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