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20 amazing ideas for company parties

Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
3 min2024-01-18

Company parties are events that can leave a lasting impression on the minds of your employees and reinforce cohesion within your company.

But organizing this type of event can be a challenge, because it's much more than just a festive get-together: it's a strategic tool for bonding and motivating your teams. That's why it's essential to find the right entertainment.

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Top 10 unusual ideas for your company parties

Having a company party doesn't necessarily mean sticking to "classic" ideas. Why not go off the beaten track and surprise your employees with original entertainment? Let your creativity flow with these 10 unusual ideas.

1. The photobooth: for unforgettable memories

A photobooth is a booth or kiosk that lets your guests take photos of themselves in a fun and original way.

With fun accessories and amusing filters, it's the ideal activity to break the ice and stimulate interaction while creating photo memories of your corporate evening.

2. The wine casino: a fun and educational tasting experience

This unusual activity combines wine tasting and gambling, and is sure to delight those of your employees with the sharpest palates.

At each table, players have to guess the type, origin or vintage of the wine to earn tokens.

It's an activity that's both entertaining and instructive, mixing gustatory pleasure with friendly competition.

3. DJ entertainment: for a tailor-made musical ambience

A company party without music isn't really a party, is it? A DJ can tailor his playlist to the mood of your event, so that everyone has a great time.

From rock to jazz, reggae to pop, there's something for everyone to dance to.

4. Human foosball: to strengthen team spirit

Human foosball is a perfect team-building activity, as it stimulates group cohesion.

Players are attached to giant bars and can only move horizontally, just like in a real foosball table. This activity is sure to provide plenty of laughs, while creating a spirit of friendly competition.

5. The arcade terminal: back to childhood

Who doesn't love video games? Whether it's a game of Pac-Man or a race on Mario Kart, the arcade terminal is a nostalgic entertainment that will appeal to young and old alike.

A fun, offbeat way to relax and share a good time.

6. Wooden games: back to basics

Giant Mikado, power 4, domino... Wooden games are timeless activities that can bring your staff together for a convivial moment.

They don't require a lot of space and encourage interaction.

7. Inflatable games: for fun and sporting moments

Obstacle courses, inflatable jousts, sumo wrestling... Inflatable games are ideal for an outdoor corporate evening.

They add a touch of humor and a dose of good humor to your event.

8. Funfair games: For a festive, recreational atmosphere

Duck fishing, chamboule tout, shooting range: reproduce the atmosphere of a funfair at your corporate event, and you're sure to love it.

It's fun, it's friendly and it lets everyone fall back into childhood. And if you add a few candy apples and a Barbapapa machine to the mix, it's a guaranteed success!

9. Outdoor activities: enjoy the fresh air

What could be better than taking advantage of the fine weather to organize an outdoor game? Whether it's a sack race, pétanque or molky, these activities are easy to set up and guarantee fun for all.

10. Games of skill: to stimulate concentration and precision

Darts, billiards or bowling: games of skill create a friendly atmosphere, while stimulating the spirit of competition.

They're perfect for creating interaction and strengthening bonds between your employees.

Top 10 fun and innovative ideas for your company parties

Now that you've discovered some original ideas for hosting your company parties, how about discovering some even more fun and innovative entertainment? There's something for everyone!

1. Movie-themed evenings: for an unforgettable red carpet experience

Who hasn't dreamed of being on the red carpet at a movie premiere? With a movie-themed evening, your guests can enjoy this unique experience.

With film sets, period costumes and 7th art entertainment, the atmosphere will be festive and glamorous.

2. Karaoke night: unleash hidden talents

Who doesn't love a good sing-along to Céline Dion? Karaoke is a timeless form of entertainment that everyone loves.

It's an opportunity for your employees to show their true colours and create a friendly atmosphere. Even the shyest will appreciate team karaoke to share this unique moment.

3. Digital magician entertainment: for a dazzling evening

A digital magician can transform your event into an interactive experience using tablets, smartphones or augmented reality.

From close-up to mentalism to digital magic, this animation is sure to leave your guests speechless.

4. Dress-up evenings: for a festive atmosphere

A fancy dress party is always a good idea. Whether it's a specific theme or a free-form costume party, this event brings a fun, offbeat feel to your corporate evening, while encouraging interaction between your staff.

5. Escape game: the ultimate team-building activity

The escape game is a thrilling activity that promotes team cohesion. Through a series of enigmas to be solved, your guests will have to work together to escape.

It's a fun, captivating activity that develops a wide range of skills.

6. 80s evening: a trip back in time

The music of the '80s has a way of setting the mood and getting everyone dancing.

So it's the perfect theme for your corporate party. Don't forget fluorescent accessories and colorful outfits to bring this mythical era to life!

7. Hypnosis entertainment: an extraordinary experience

A hypnosis show at your corporate event is sure to create surprise and amazement.

It allows for real interaction with your guests, who can discover the surprising capacities of their subconscious.

8. Dance coaching: move to the beat of the music

Dance coaching is the perfect way to get your guests moving and create a festive atmosphere.

Whether it's rock, salsa or zumba, this animation will get your staff moving to the rhythm of the music.

9. Casino night: for a glamorous and exciting evening

There's nothing like a casino evening to recreate the glamorous atmosphere of Las Vegas. Roulette, blackjack, poker: the choice is vast to entertain your guests and make their evening unforgettable.

10. Interactive quizzes: to stimulate competitiveness

An interactive quiz is the ideal way to test your staff's knowledge in a friendly atmosphere. It's also a great way to encourage teamwork and spice up your corporate evening with a little friendly competition.

The best ideas for your company parties: in a nutshell

Now you've got a whole range of ideas to liven up your company parties. Whatever the theme or atmosphere you want to create, there's sure to be an event to suit.

So don't wait any longer, make your choice and organize an evening that will leave a lasting impression!

To sum up, here are 20 ideas you won't want to miss for your company parties:

  • Photobooth: For memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Wine casino: A fun and educational tasting experience.
  • DJ entertainment: For a personalized musical ambience.
  • Human foosball: To strengthen team spirit.
  • Arcade terminal: For a return to childhood.
  • Wooden games: Back to basics.
  • Inflatable games: For fun and sports.
  • Funfair entertainment: For a festive, recreational atmosphere.
  • Outdoor activities: Enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Games of skill: To stimulate concentration and precision.
  • Movie-themed evenings: For an unforgettable red carpet experience.
  • Karaoke evenings: Unleash your hidden talents.
  • Digital magician entertainment: For a dazzling evening.
  • Costume party: For a festive atmosphere.
  • Escape game: To stimulate team spirit.
  • 80s evening: For a trip back in time.
  • Hypnosis animation: For an extraordinary experience.
  • Dance coaching: Move to the beat of the music.
  • Casino evening: For a glamorous and exciting evening.
  • Interactive quiz: To stimulate competitiveness.

And you, what kind of entertainment would you choose for your next company party?

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