Corporate office design: an essential element in everyone's well-being

Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
6 min2024-04-16

Far from being just an aesthetic detail, decoration plays a crucial role in employees' well-being and productivity. It is essential not to neglect it in your offices in order to create a pleasant and stimulating work environment where everyone can thrive.

The problem is that it can sometimes be tricky to find inspiration or know how to go about it when you're not a decorator... But don't worry, Deskeo is here to help you. We will explain everything you need to know to succeed in decorating your office.

Design your office

Current trends in office decoration

As you probably know, trends in decoration are constantly evolving. This is especially true in the business world, where work methods and comfort rules are changing rapidly. It is therefore important to understand the latest trends in order to offer your employees an aesthetic and functional workspace that can stimulate their productivity.

The influence of colors and shapes on productivity

Colors and shapes have a significant impact on our mood and productivity. To create a workspace that can boost your employees' productivity, you can opt for shapes and colors such as:

  • Blue and green for workspaces requiring concentration and calm.
  • Yellow and orange for brainstorming and creative zones.
  • Rounded shapes for relaxation and conviviality areas.
  • Clean lines for individual desks and meeting rooms.

The importance of a personalized and functional workspace

A personalized workspace greatly contributes to employees' motivation and fulfillment. It is advisable to allow everyone to add their personal touch to their desk, whether it's through photos, plants, or decorative objects, to enable each employee to make their space their own.

However, it is essential to ensure that this customization harmoniously integrates into the overall decoration and does not compromise the functionality of the space. For this, you should:

  1. Define distinct zones for each activity (individual work, collaboration, relaxation) to optimize space organization.
  2. Encourage personalization while establishing coherent guidelines, such as a color palette or a style, to maintain a harmonious visual ambiance.
  3. Provide practical and aesthetic accessories, such as designer desk lamps, storage solutions, or a bulletin board, to combine functionality and personalization.
  4. Opt for modular and adaptable furniture to different needs, such as removable partitions or height-adjustable desks, to facilitate rearrangements and adapt to everyone's preferences.

Choosing furniture for an optimal work environment

Choosing the right furniture is crucial to create a comfortable and efficient work environment. Whether it's desks, chairs, conference tables, or storage, each element must be carefully selected based on ergonomic, aesthetic, and functional criteria.

Choosing a functional and ergonomic desk

An ergonomic desk is essential to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and promote a healthy posture. Therefore, it is important to choose your desks with the utmost care. You should consider several essential criteria such as height, depth, and width. For greater adaptability and better ergonomics, you can even opt for adjustable desks to allow everyone to vary their working positions and reduce the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

Opting for comfortable and stylish office chairs

In addition to the desk, choosing an office chair is also crucial to ensure employees' comfort and health, often seated for long hours. A quality chair should offer: 

  • optimal back support, 
  • padded seating, 
  • and adjustable armrests for an ergonomic and comfortable working position. 

But comfort should not be the only consideration. You should also think about aesthetics and not hesitate to choose a chair that integrates perfectly with the overall aesthetics of the office.


Storage solutions: combining aesthetics and functionality

A well-organized desk is a guarantee of efficiency and serenity. It is essential to provide effective storage solutions for your employees.

Different types of storage for a tidy office

There are various types of storage solutions adapted to each space and usage, including cabinets, shelves, mobile pedestals, filing cabinets, drawers, baskets, and boxes. Far from being trivial details, these storage solutions play a significant role in making your premises orderly and efficient. However, having available storage spaces is not enough; you also need to arrange and use them properly.

Space optimization: techniques and recommendations

A well-optimized workspace promotes concentration, well-being, and employee efficiency. It is a key success factor for the company. Therefore, you should strive to provide your employees with as optimized a space as possible. To achieve this, you can:

  • Use vertical space and available wall space by installing wall shelves and hanging cabinets to free up floor space.
  • Regularly sort through accumulated documents and objects to avoid clutter.
  • Organize storage with dedicated areas for each type of item, facilitating access and saving time.
  • Opt for modular and multifunctional furniture, such as folding tables or wheeled pedestals, to adapt to changing needs.

Creating an acoustic environment conducive to concentration

A noisy work environment can impair concentration and productivity. It is essential to implement effective acoustic solutions to reduce noise disturbances and allow everyone to work in peace. 

Acoustic panels and partitions: benefits and selection

Acoustic panels and partitions are essential for creating a calm workspace conducive to concentration, because :

  • They absorb sound and reduce noise pollution.
  • They create more intimate and confidential workspaces or meeting rooms.
  • They improve the quality of exchanges and communication between employees, without external disturbance.

But to really benefit from the advantages of these accessories, you need to choose them carefully. To do this, you need to take into account several essential criteria:

  • The level of sound insulation required, which will depend on the activity and configuration of the premises.
  • The dimensions and modularity of each product, for harmonious integration into the existing space.
  • The materials used, favoring aesthetic and durable solutions such as fabrics, felt or acoustic foams.
  • Ease of installation and servicing, for simplified installation and maintenance.

Decorative elements and acoustic improvement

Certain decorative elements can also contribute to acoustic improvement, such as carpets, curtains, green walls, or thick upholstery fabrics. These elements can help absorb sound and reduce echoes.

First impressions: reception layout

The reception area is your company's showcase and should reflect your professionalism and brand identity. It's therefore essential to ensure that it's neat and welcoming, to create a positive first impression with your visitors and customers.

Selection of trendy reception desks

To make a good first impression and welcome your visitors in the best possible conditions, you can opt for ..:

  • A reception desk in natural wood, with clean, warm lines, for a welcoming, soothing atmosphere.
  • A counter in brushed metal or stainless steel, with a contemporary, industrial design, perfect for innovative, dynamic companies.
  • A reception desk in tempered glass and translucent materials, to bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your space.

And to make sure you choose the right model, make sure it's compatible with :

  • the space available in your entrance hall.
  • your corporate identity and existing décor.
  • your company's brand image.

Comfortable, elegant reception chairs and sofas

Finally, to ensure that your visitors feel at ease from the moment they arrive, it's important to offer them comfortable and elegant reception chairs and sofas.

To achieve this, opt for models with quality upholstery and resistant coverings, in shades that harmonize with your décor.

Accessories that make all the difference

Decorative accessories are the finishing touches that personalize your workspace and meeting rooms while reinforcing your visual identity. Whether it's pictures, plants, lighting or decorative objects, these small details have a big impact on the overall ambience of your offices.

Paintings, plants and other decorative elements

Decorating an office isn't just about furnishing it. It's the little touches that make all the difference in making your premises unique. So don't hesitate to incorporate decorative elements such as :

  • Abstract or graphic paintings, in bright, energizing colors, to dress up your walls and stimulate creativity.
  • Art or landscape photographs, inviting calm and reflection, ideal for relaxation areas or meeting rooms.
  • Green indoor plants, such as ficus, philodendron or pothos, bring a touch of nature and well-being to your premises.
  • Design and unusual accessories, such as sculptural vases, original lamps or unique decorative objects, to affirm your company's identity.

And don't forget, when choosing these decorative elements, take into account the space available and the coherence with the overall style of your office. Choose pieces that are the right size, that don't overload the space and allow for easy circulation.

Why are accessories essential to a successful decor?

Often perceived as frivolous, accessories are nonetheless essential elements in office design, as they enable you to :

  • personalize your workspace,
  • express your company's values and personality,
  • make the environment more welcoming for your employees and visitors.

What's more, these small decorative elements make it easy to update your décor without the need for major renovations. They're the ideal way to give the impression of change at a lower cost.

The essentials for effective branding

Decorating your office is a unique opportunity to reinforce your brand image and create a memorable experience for your customers and staff. By integrating branding elements into your furnishings, you reinforce the visual coherence of your company.

Signage and logos: personalizing your workspace

Signage and logos are key elements in asserting your visual identity in your offices.

To assert your brand in your premises, you can opt for :

  • personalized door signs,
  • window signage in your corporate colors and slogan,
  • directional signs,
  • and wall logos to guide your visitors and dress up your walls.

Make sure, however, that these elements are in harmony with your corporate identity and overall decor.

The visual impact of stickers and inspirational posters

Finally, to complete your decor, you can add wall stickers and inspirational posters such as :

  • Famous quotes,
  • corporate mantras,
  • or graphic illustrations.

In short, decorating your offices is a strategic operation for the well-being of your employees, the image of your company and the satisfaction of your customers. So it's essential to give it special attention.

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