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Netflix, Facebook, Amazon: Why are these companies outsourcing their meetings?

Paul Pouhin
5 min2019-11-20

Do your employees lack motivation in your daily company meetings? Then get out of the office and organise meetings outside. Innovative spaces are emerging in atypical settings to boost the concentration and creativity of your teams in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. An innovative way to hold productive and efficient meetings.

1. Change your habits and organise meetings that make an impression!

Fighting the meeting syndrome

Do you want to offer your teams an inspiring working environment? Take the initiative to get out of your office and host your meetings. Today, many companies, including large groups such as Netflix and Facebook, are bringing their employees together in a different setting outside their offices.

The benefits are numerous:

  • Stimulation of creativity
  • A new look at current or future projects
  • Increased motivation for teams

By getting out of your daily workspace, you put an end to the meeting syndrome.

Your employees will no longer find their minds wandering in their chairs in front of the meeting table. They will be able to enjoy a moment of constructive exchange in a comfortable and stylish space.

Simple tips for everyone

To increase productivity and improve the creativity of your employees' minds, you need to be innovative. It's no longer acceptable to sit in a chair for hours without getting a reaction at your next meeting, training session or seminar.

Here are a few simple principles to implement to awaken your meetings:

1. Good preparation beforehand:

  • Define the objectives of the meeting and stick to the topics to be discussed
  • Frame the meeting by appointing a time keeper and a person responsible for the minutes and follow-up.

2. Think about varying the media to arouse curiosity:

  • The traditional flip chart is a safe bet because it captures the attention of participants and directs their attention
  • The integration of visual and audio aids into your presentations adds rhythm and punch to your speech
  • Finally, opt for anecdotes and a touch of humour to capture your audience!

3. Adapt the layout of the room to your objective:

  • Use a U-shape to draw attention to the speaker
  • Choose sofas and coffee tables to stimulate creativity.

Animations to make your meetings more dynamic

Make the bet to concretely integrate your teams during your professional meetings. You can then adapt the activities in a new work space to your objectives.

For example, if your teams lack motivation or team spirit, organise an activity in the form of team building. This way, you can organise an activity - culinary, sports or even board games - while keeping your common thread of bringing your employees together behind a common goal. This will break the professional routine and give your teams a real boost of motivation!

At Deskeo, we are experts in the field of meeting rooms and can provide you with the right meeting room for your needs. We'll find you the right space and the right ancillary activities to make your meeting unforgettable!

Take inspiration from large groups to organise your meetings!

Large groups no longer remain locked up in their offices to motivate their teams.

Indeed, just like giants such as Facebook, Amazon or Netflix who regularly work with Deskeo to organise their internal events, more and more companies are regularly organising their meetings outside. This innovation has particularly positive effects on their teams, but also more broadly on the image of their company.

Shaking up codes and breaking professional habits makes the company's image much more innovative and up-to-date. So why not you?

2. Outsource the operational management for your events

Depending on the different times of the year and your company's news, the opportunities to bring together some or all of your teams vary. So, beyond the classic meeting, you can set up various professional events such as a conference, a training course or a team cocktail.

The idea may be to bring together only the company's staff or, on the contrary, to invite customers or suppliers in order to create an outstanding event on a particular theme.

However, as soon as the number of participants reaches several dozen, the entire operational management of an event cannot be improvised. You need to think about :

  • Have an adapted and flexible space available, with the right capacity.
  • Deploying a room preparation service with all the necessary furniture.
  • Organise the reception for the event.
  • Set up the appropriate signage.
  • Install the technical equipment (audiovisual, electronics, etc.).
  • Choose the caterer and waiters (buffet, individual dishes, etc.) and adapt to the dietary requirements of each person.
  • Depending on the type of event, have a security service on site.
  • Manage the cleaning and the restoration of the space after the event.

These are all points to think about, not to mention the time spent looking for and evaluating service providers, negotiating prices, and the stress that this can cause. Whether you want to organise your meetings off-site or carry out a specific event, turn to competent professionals to take care of all the operational aspects.

This investment allows you to concentrate on the most important part: the people!

3. What could be better than turning to the experts?

Deskeo takes care of the entire organisation of your event. So you don't have to spend hours looking for the perfect venue for your next meeting or training session. We offer you different event spaces that are accessible for half a day or several days, bright, fully equipped and adapted to your needs.

We also work with trusted service providers to provide all the entertainment for your event. Here again, you can relax and concentrate on your core business.

Outsourcing this operational management allows you to save time while keeping your mind free. Moreover, calling on experts can sometimes bring you new ideas for creating original events.

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