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Coworking spaces in Paris: all the places you need to boost your productivity!

Olivier Dardenne
6 min2023-05-24

Cafés in Paris: unusual places to work

Who said that cafés were only for chatting with friends or taking a gourmet break? In Paris, many establishments have adapted to the needs of teleworkers, offering a pleasant, warm and stimulating place to work.

Parisian cafés as workspaces: what's in it for me?

Parisian cafés are an attractive alternative to traditional coworking spaces.

They allow you to work in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, with access to a wide range of services (Internet access, drinks, a terrace and sometimes even work equipment).

However, the conviviality of cafés can sometimes become a real disadvantage when you need a calm environment to concentrate... Is this your case? Then it might be a good idea to put your things down in one of Paris's many libraries.

Libraries in Paris: pleasant places to work

Libraries are calm and conducive to work, offering a studious setting for workers in search of concentration. Here are a few libraries in Paris that we think are well worth a visit.Les principales bibliothèques parisiennes

  • The Bibliothèque Publique d'Information (BPI) at the Centre Pompidou: located in the heart of Paris and open 7 days a week, the BPI offers work spaces suitable for individuals and groups. The centre also offers workshops on various job-seeking techniques. Beware, however, of the queue at the entrance, which can sometimes be a bit long...
  • The François Mitterrand Library: this library, with its almost unlimited resources, offers a modern, spacious setting for working in complete peace of mind. Whether you work alone or in a team, you're sure to find the space you need.
  • The Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève: located near the Panthéon, this sublime historic library offers a majestic setting for working in peace and quiet.

The advantages of libraries for individual and group work

Parisian libraries offer much more than shelves of books and documents: they are true havens of peace where calm and concentration reign supreme.

Choosing a library as a workspace means taking advantage of a soothing place to study, away from the noise and bustle of the city.

In short, libraries offer 4 major advantages:

  • A calm environment conducive to concentration.
  • Free access to the Internet and electrical sockets.
  • Work spaces to suit everyone.
  • Documentary resources to facilitate your research and work.

Our advice on choosing the right workspace in Paris

Not sure whether to work in a café, a coworking space or a library? Don't know which workspace is best for you? Don't panic, Deskeo has all the advice you need to choose the right workspace in Paris.

Our 4 tips for finding a workspace that suits your needs

Finding a workspace in Paris is not complicated. However, you need to be methodical to find the one that suits you best.

There are 4 essential criteria to bear in mind:

  • Location: choose a workspace that is easily accessible by public transport (metro, transilien, bus, etc.) and close to your home or your business appointments.
  • Atmosphere: choose a space that suits your working style (calm and studious or friendly and lively).
  • Services on offer: check the services offered by the location (Internet, equipment, meeting rooms, private or shared offices, gym, etc.).
  • Prices: compare the prices of the different spaces to find the one that suits your budget..

How can I manage my time better in a shared workspace?

Working in a shared workspace can sometimes be distracting. That's why it's important to manage your time effectively to stay productive.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you manage your time as effectively as possible:

  • Plan your days: draw up a timetable to organise your tasks and meet your deadlines.
  • Set yourself objectives: define clear and achievable objectives for each working day.
  • Take breaks: whether for a coffee or a chat, give yourself regular breaks to relax and recharge your batteries.
  • Limit distractions: avoid checking your social networks or getting distracted by conversations.
  • Use time management tools: applications and software can help you organise your work better and keep track of your progress.

The benefits of shared workspaces

Workspaces are advantageous in a number of ways:

  • They cut costs: coworking spaces offer affordable solutions for workers who don't need a permanent office. By sharing the costs of rental, equipment and services with other users, you can make significant savings.
  • They offer great flexibility: a rooftop with a view, a quiet and studious library, a dynamic café... you can choose to work in different spaces depending on your needs and your mood of the day. Most coworking spaces offer flexible packages, allowing you to work by the day, week or month with no long-term commitment. This means you can adapt your workspace to your changing professional needs.
  • They are great for networking and developing your network: coworking spaces bring together professionals from all walks of life. So they encourage meetings and exchanges, helping you to develop a solid professional network.
  • They offer access to a wide range of services and facilities: most shared workspaces offer a full range of services. You'll have access to the Internet, meeting rooms, a private office and even, in some cases, work equipment! So you can work efficiently without investing in expensive office equipment.
  • They boost your productivity: working in a dedicated space allows you to concentrate on your tasks and avoid the distractions of home. What's more, the energy and dynamism of these spaces can boost your creativity and motivation.

Services offered by workspaces in Paris

Tired of working in an environment that's not adapted to your needs? In Paris, workspaces have thought of everything to make your life easier and give you the best possible working experience.

1) Spaces to suit every need: Whether you're looking for individual offices, meeting rooms, relaxation areas or an open-plan workstation, Parisian workspaces have thought of everything to meet your requirements. Say goodbye to stress and enjoy an ergonomic, well-thought-out environment!

2) High-tech equipment: Gone are the days when you had to worry about equipment or Internet connection! Whatever workspace you choose, you're likely to find modern, high-performance equipment to help you work efficiently:

  • high-speed Wi-Fi
  • printers
  • scanners
  • video projectors
  • and interactive screens.

All you have to do is settle in and let your creativity flow.

1) Secretarial and domiciliation services: Need a little administrative help or a prestigious address to impress your clients? Some workspaces offer you :

  • a telephone answering service,
  • a mail management service,
  • or a tax domiciliation service.

2) Relaxation areas: Because relaxation is essential for productivity, this type of venue also offers areas dedicated to relaxation:

  • gym
  • terrace, garden or rooftop with a view,
  • and even a coffee corner where you can recharge your batteries and chat with other workers.

Workspaces in Paris in a nutshell

Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur or teleworker, there are plenty of workspaces in Paris to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Between cafés, libraries and dedicated coworking spaces, you're sure to find the ideal place to boost your productivity and expand your professional network.

So don't wait any longer and discover the best places to telework in Paris.

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