Annual Performance Review and telework

Annual Performance Review and telework flexibility

Paul Pouhin
3 min2021-01-26

Key findings:

  • 54% of managers want their teams to return to the office but for 44% of employees it is still too early in the current context.
  • For 81% of managers and executives, annual appraisals will be conducted remotely. Even if the distance will make them more difficult and less qualitative (for 56% of managers). On the other hand, employees think that this will not really have an impact.
  • In this context, 68% of employees plan to ask for a salary increase. It remains to be seen whether this can be done as easily from a distance...

A unanimous flexibility?

For three weeks now, employees have been able to return to the office one day a week with the agreement of their employer. Our survey indicates that managers want to see their teams again (54%) but the teams are on the other hand on the reservation given the health situation (44%).

The number of teleworking days is currently divided:

At the moment, 78% of managers want a maximum of 2 days of telework per week while 59% of employees want a minimum of 3 days.

Annual performance reviews to be maintained

This year, despite the health crisis, 62% of managers want to maintain annual performance reviews. However, the vast majority (81%) will conduct the interviews remotely (59% entirely remotely and 22% for certain teleworking positions).

Remote interviews not as qualitative?

More than half of the managers (55%) think that it is more difficult and less qualitative (56%) to conduct performance reviews remotely.

On the other hand, 78% of employees think that it is easier and that remote interviews do not really have an impact on the quality of the interviews.

A salary increase this year?

The pandemic will have little or no impact on salary ambitions. Indeed, more than 68% of employees say they will ask for a salary increase in 2021. The question is whether this will be by video conference or face-to-face...

Remote working has not really damaged the manager/employee relationship

Whether teleworking or face-to-face, 82% of employees and 97% of managers do not feel that their manager/employee relationship has deteriorated.

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