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What are the good resolutions of the French at the beginning of the year?

Paul Pouhin
1 min2022-08-22

This study shows that the French want above all to take more time for themselves! Indeed, 48.2% of them want to take more time for themselves. 44.6% of those surveyed said they wanted to do more for the environment. Taking up sport (again) is the third most important good resolution, with 39.3% of respondents. 25% of French people intend to bring more home-made food to the office. 21.4% want to start a training course. For 19.6% of respondents, it is a question of developing a new professional project such as setting up their own business. 17.9% say they do not want to change anything at all. 12.5% say they want to stop smoking. And 7.1% of French people want to change jobs.

Deskeo also wanted to know how French employees intend to become more involved with the environment. For 66.7%, this means sorting their mailboxes more regularly. 53.3% will take more care to switch off electronic devices in the evening before leaving. 50% will commit to printing only what is necessary. 40% intend to come to work with a more environmentally friendly means of transport (public transport, bicycle, scooter, etc.). And 40% will also swap plastic bottles for a water bottle.

Environmental commitment at the heart of Deskeo's priorities

Making your workspace a "low carbon" ecosystem for your company and its employees: that's what a sustainable office is all about. Deskeo has published a Sustainable Office Guide with key steps and endorsed by CSR ambassadors and experts such as CBRE, La Française, Deepki, Mano Mano, Magelan, Phenix.

Our mission: To be a true challenger of the ecological transition in the real estate sector.

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