Indy & Deskeo: a collaboration that has lasted since 2019

Indy & Deskeo: a collaboration that has lasted since 2019

Olivier Dardenne
3 min2023-08-21

We were privileged to celebrate 4 years of working with our client, Indy. The partnership began in June 2019 when Indy, an innovative company specialising in simplifying accounting for the self-employed, was looking for a flexible and inspiring workspace for its 20-strong team in Lyon République.

As the company grew, so did our partnership. In September 2021, Indy took a giant step forward by moving into our new space in Lyon Masséna (6th arrondissement), extending over 1,200 m² to accommodate a growing team now comprising 180 positions. This new space is now Indy's head office!

Discover Indy's offices on video!


About Indy

Indy is a French accounting solution designed to simplify financial management for the self-employed, enabling them to concentrate on their core business. Accessible from any web browser or via a dedicated mobile application, Indy is designed for the self-employed in the BNC sector as well as for SAS, SASU, EURL and SARL companies subject to corporation tax.

What sets Indy apart from other accounting software on the market is its ease of use. Its intuitive interface revolutionises the way self-employed people manage their finances, eliminating the complexity often associated with accounting.

A partnership we're proud of

Our teams have worked hand in hand with Indy to create a working environment that embodies their identity and values. From stimulating collaboration spaces to convivial relaxation areas, every detail has been carefully designed to encourage the creativity and productivity of Indy's teams. Our commitment to service quality has been at the heart of this relationship. We're proud to support Indy's continued growth, ensuring that their workspace always matches their ambitions and values.

A few final words...

"Deskeo brings real expertise to its customers, allowing them to offload tasks such as research and office design" - Jovanna Flores, Operations Manager Lyon at Deskeo.

"The partnership between Indy and Deskeo works very well thanks to Jovanna and our day-to-day relationship" - Delphine Long - Office Manager at Indy.

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