The Future of Work by SINGULART

Paul Pouhin
1 min2021-10-21

Listen to this episode "The Future of Work" in which Frank Zorn, co-founder of Deskeo, has the pleasure of interviewing Anne-Claire Martin, Head of Brand and Communication at SINGULART, the start-up that seeks to revolutionise our relationship with art through digital technology. A look back at this success story, but also: how to successfully integrate employees when you are growing fast? What levers should be put in place to create a culture of exchange and solidarity?

Timeline of the episode

0:00 : Presentation of Singulart

3:49 : How did the pandemic help Singulart grow?

6:07 : Company and team composition, office layout and culture

12:54 : How can we integrate employees from all over the world? How to share common values?

17:48 : What are Singulart's target markets? How to interact internationally?

20:12 : Back to the office, Flex office, teleworking: what policy is in place at Singulart?

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