Discover Swan's new offices on video!

Discover Swan's new offices on video!

Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
2 min2024-02-22

Parisian fintech Swan called on Deskeo to find and fit out its new offices. The entire Swan team took up residence at 168 rue Saint-Maur in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, in a 1665 m2 workspace spread over 4 floors, entirely redesigned in their image to accommodate their 120 employees.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at this collaboration with Alice Delogne and Sarah Wachter, respectively Office Manager & Communication Lead at Swan, accompanied by Marie-Camille de Lorgeril, Project Director at Deskeo.


Discovering Swan

Swan is much more than just a fintech startup. Founded in 2019, it embodies an advancement in the field of digital banking services. Their innovative concept of "integrated finance" offers a comprehensive and intuitive solution, covering all aspects of modern digital banking: accounts, cards, and payment systems.

You may have already benefited from their services without knowing it. Swan is quietly present in many applications and software used daily, such as human resources management, expenses, real estate, or insurance.

A challenging project

A significant challenge arose for Swan: their rapidly expanding team needed more spacious premises. They wanted to find new offices to support their growth, but the challenge was twofold: to find suitable workspace and to furnish it to reflect their identity and make them feel at home.

"The most important thing was to have an airy space, high ceilings, and a beautiful large room where we could have lunch, gather, hold events and webinars with our partners and clients" - Alice Delogne, Office Manager at Swan.

This ambition was in perfect alignment with Swan's open and friendly culture, where employee well-being is a priority. For Swan, it was essential that their new offices faithfully reflect their DNA and their way of working. With this in mind, our Design & Build team collaborated closely with them. Together, we sought to understand their specific needs in order to furnish the space in a way that would make it as closely aligned as possible with their essence. Our goal was to create a personalized work environment, where every detail contributes to strengthening Swan's spirit and values.

Our workspaces

Challenge met!

3 months flat: that's how long it took the Deskeo team to find and furnish Swan's new offices. And to top it all off, we organized an inaugural brunch to welcome Swan employees.

Initial feedback from Swan employees has been extremely positive. And as you know, your satisfaction is our top priority at Deskeo!

The final word goes to Alice Delogne, Office Manager at Swan: "We would totally recommend Deskeo for the quality of the people we worked with, for the fact that they were able to respond to all our requests, particularly concerning the DNA and culture we've put in place within the offices, and for meeting our deadlines".

Their new workspace in pictures

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