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The King's cake in the office: A tradition still respected?

Eléonore Obala
2 min2023-01-09

Is the King's cake still a must-have event in the office? At the beginning of 2023, Deskeo, leader in flexible offices with services, conducted a study to find out what French employees think of this moment of sharing between colleagues.

The first finding of the study is that French employees are almost unanimous in their support for the King's cake! Indeed, 94.8% say they are in favour of holding it in the office. More than three quarters of French people (77.2%) have planned to celebrate it with their colleagues this year.

Is the event funded by the companies themselves? According to the Deskeo survey, 66.7% of companies offer it, and 33.3% do not pay for it.

In terms of the preferred timing for sharing the galette, 53.3% of companies organise it at the time of the afternoon snack. 20.7% do it just after lunch, 13.8% at the end of the morning and 12.2% at the end of the day.

As far as drinks are concerned, 62% of companies accompany the galette with cider. 30% prefer to be able to bring whatever they want to drink and 8% only want non-alcoholic drinks.

The event is still a must in the hearts of the French! According to the Deskeo study, 84.5% of employees believe that it is a convivial moment between colleagues. 12.1% say that it is only a tradition and 3.4% find it old-fashioned.

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