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Top 10 best coworking spaces in the world

Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
5 min2024-05-30

The working environment plays a crucial role in the productivity and well-being of professionals. Whether you're a freelance entrepreneur or a remote worker, the place you work has a significant impact on your motivation, creativity and efficiency.

Choosing a coworking space with a good location and inspiring design is therefore not just a detail, but of real importance in optimizing your professional success.

Dreaming of an office under the coconut trees? Are you looking for a workspace that makes you feel at home? Deskeo has identified 9 coworking spaces around the world that offer the best working environment. And watch out, because these nuggets might just make you want to rethink the way you work...

Can't leave France? Don't worry, there are some coworking spaces in France that are (really) worth a visit.

Ready to embark on a world tour of the best coworking spaces? Follow the guide!

Our coworking spaces

Our selection of the most stylish coworking spaces around the world

After the Covid crisis, work mentalities have evolved. Working in an inspiring and comfortable environment has now become essential. And coworking spaces have fully grasped this need.

That’s why they compete in creativity to offer unique and stimulating spaces for freelancers and companies alike.

Among these exceptional places, Deskeo has selected 10 of the most remarkable around the world, combining outstanding design with an atmosphere conducive to work and collaboration.

1. The Old Sessions House: A former courthouse entirely reimagined

Deskeo is launching its brand-new Workclub concept in the heart of London. The Old Sessions House, a former 240-year-old courthouse, has been completely reimagined to create a true lifestyle space centered around the office.

Covering a total area of 2,500 m² and featuring workspaces and coworking areas, a pool, a speakeasy, a podcast recording studio, as well as a restaurant, a café, and a lounge, this space is dedicated to hybrid work, 100% experiential and lifestyle-oriented.

2. Huckletree: Stylish and arty coworking

In London or Dublin, Huckletree’s locations stand out for their sleek and artistic design.

These bright spaces are tastefully arranged, mixing vintage and contemporary furniture for a unique ambiance conducive to exchanges and collaboration among coworkers.

One thing is for sure, working here is as stimulating as it gets.

3. BeacHub: The perfect place to work with a sea view

Fancy working with your feet in the water (or almost)? Then BeacHub will make you want to pack your bags!

Located in Koh Phangan, Thailand, this is one of the few coworking spaces where you can work with your feet in the sand, overlooking a paradisiacal setting. And if you want to fully experience the location, it’s even possible to stay on-site in one of the available bungalows for rent.

4. Talent Garden: A Workspace Where Having Fun Is Encouraged (If Not Advised)

In Barcelona, Milan, Lille, Copenhagen, or Turin, Talent Garden boldly mixes workspaces with play areas.

Foosball, ping-pong, and game consoles are available for fun breaks. Colorful furniture and mural paintings add a touch of whimsy to this resolutely modern space, which is sure to appeal to coworkers with a highly developed startup mindset.

5. Dojo: Remote Work with Your Feet in the Water in Bali

Nestled a few steps from the beach, Dojo Bali is a true haven of peace for digital nomads.

This space offers various work, relaxation, and meeting areas, and even a pool! An exceptional place to work in harmony with nature, with your feet in the water while sipping an excellent juice. It’s sure to be a refreshing change from your office in the heart of Paris…

6. The Cluster: Work in a Lush Setting with a View of Melbourne

Located in Melbourne, Australia, The Cluster impresses with its immense glass roof that offers a space bathed in natural light and an unobstructed view of the entire city.

You can set up your computer on large solid wood tables and enjoy comfortable furniture. The warm atmosphere and lush vegetation make it an exceptional place to work, conducive to productivity.

7. East Room: Design and Collaborative Coworking

Housed in an industrial building in Toronto, East Room charms with its cozy and warm design. The brick walls contrast with the contemporary furniture’s clean lines.

Comfortable sofas and armchairs invite informal meetings and encourage exchanges among the space’s occupants.

8. WorkAmp 59: Ultra-Stylish Coworking in India

WorkAmp 59 in Mumbai, India, stands out for its ultra-inspiring and soothing design. The place has been designed to meet everyone’s needs (especially millennials).

You’ll find large work areas with ultra-functional furnishings (tables, chairs, and armchairs, desks, etc.) conducive to exchanges, as well as individual booths offering calm and concentration amid the open space.

9. Dreamplex: A Bright Space That Adapts to Everyone

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Dreamplex offers large open-plan offices flooded with light. The bright-colored furniture and large windows create a dynamic ambiance.

Large communal spaces are also set up to encourage exchanges among coworkers. But Dreamplex also adapts to freelancers looking for tranquility with more private spaces (individual booths, meeting rooms, etc.) and nap cabins available to everyone.

10. Kwerk: The Enchanted Coworking Space in the Heart of Paris

Just steps from the Grands Boulevards in Paris, Kwerk Madeleine is a versatile space offering meeting rooms, yoga studios, offices, and a rooftop. It’s designed to gently stimulate your well-being and creativity in a setting that will make you feel like you’re traveling.

Can’t travel to Bali or Mumbai? Don’t worry, Deskeo’s coworking spaces will offer you the ideal work environment.

Our Coworking Spaces Meet Your Needs

At Deskeo, we understand how important the work environment is for your productivity. That’s why we’ve created coworking spaces and offices with a refined design and all the services you need to boost your productivity.

Deskeo Levallois Villiers - 100 rue de Villiers, 92300 Levallois

Deskeo Levallois Villiers offers a coworking space that can accommodate 1 to 18 workstations in a modern and bright setting.

Its warm ambiance, functional layout, and elegant, minimalist décor will allow you to work in a stimulating and fully equipped environment (furniture, high-speed Wi-Fi, access to a printer, etc.).

All this starting from €250 per month.

RatesFrom €250 / shift / month

Deskeo Porte d'Orléans Paris 14 - 11 boulevard Romain Rolland, 75014 Paris

Deskeo Porte d'Orléans is located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, our Porte d'Orléans coworking space offers a pleasant and stimulating working environment.

Located on the 7th floor of the Magnetik building, the space offers a variety of workspaces (offices, meeting rooms, etc.) as well as an outdoor terrace with landscaped gardens.

In short, it's the ideal place for coworkers looking for a studious yet relaxed atmosphere.

RatesFrom €250 / shift / month

Deskeo Victoire Paris 9 - 10 rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris

Located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement, just a few steps from the Opera, our Deskeo Victoire coworking space stands out for its sleek, contemporary style.

Freshly renovated, the space is fully equipped with carefully selected designer furniture to offer each coworker optimum comfort and an ideal working atmosphere.

But the real plus lies in the terraces, balconies and other outdoor spaces bringing real charm to these offices.

Capacity Variable
RatesFrom €400 / shift / month

In short, whether you're looking for an atypical coworking space in an international capital or a shared office close to home, our selection of workspaces is sure to inspire you.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find the office or coworking space that's right for you. Our experts are here to guide you and suggest the right solution for your needs. With Deskeo, the best of coworking is at your fingertips.

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