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Laura Nieto
Laura Nieto
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Connectivity has become the essential pillar of user experience and productivity in the workplace. Imagine offices where ultra-fast, reliable Internet connectivity is guaranteed, cyber security is ironclad, and energy efficiency is optimized. WiredScore doesn't just make this vision possible, it makes it accessible to anyone looking for superior real estate.

Let's discover together the importance of WiredScore certification in the real estate sector. We'll highlight the benefits it offers in terms of connectivity, resilience and user experience, as well as its role in addressing productivity and sustainability issues.

Understanding WiredScore Certification

The origin and mission of WiredScore

For those who don't already know about it, WiredScore is a company that was founded in 2013 in the United States with the mission of optimizing connectivity and technology in commercial buildings around the world. In other words, it aims to improve our office experience. 

On a global scale, WiredScore is now present in over 160 cities and over 60 million square meters of office space are now certified. The company has been operating in France since 2017.

The benefits of the WiredScore label for buildings

Are you a growing company looking for new office space to accommodate your team? Opting for a WiredScore-certified building opens the door to high-performance connectivity, with ultra-fast, reliable Internet connections that are essential for carrying out your day-to-day activities. You'll be able to download and share large files in the blink of an eye, and hold hassle-free virtual meetings, facilitating remote collaboration with your customers and partners. 

But that's not all. By choosing a WiredScore-certified building, you are affirming your commitment to quality and innovation to your employees, business partners and customers. Indeed, it demonstrates your attention to detail and your willingness to invest in an optimal working environment. This can reinforce your brand image and help you attract the best talent in your industry. The positive impact of the label on rental values has been particularly noted in New York. On average, certified buildings enjoy a rental premium of +7% over their non-certified equivalents. 

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Certification process

To obtain WiredScore certification, the building owner or manager must initiate the process by submitting an application. WiredScore experts then carry out a thorough assessment of various aspects, such as connectivity, infrastrutre and cyber security. This rigorous assessment ensures that only buildings that meet WiredScore's high standards are awarded the label. Depending on the performance assessed, the building is awarded a Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum label. 

Once certified, the building undergoes regular assessments to maintain its high standards.

WiredScore's impact on the real estate sector

WiredScore and the digital adaptability of buildings

WiredScore certification has become all the more crucial with the COVID-19 pandemic. With the spread of telecommuting, companies are now looking for office spaces that offer reliable connectivity and solid digital infrastructures. WiredScore-certified buildings meet these needs by guaranteeing quality connectivity, enabling companies to maintain their operational efficiency, even remotely.

WiredScore's role in sustainability and ESG 

As we all know, environmental and social concerns play an important role in our society, and the search for a workspace aligned with sustainable values has become a priority for many companies. In this context, WiredScore certification offers much more than just state-of-the-art connectivity. Indeed, WiredScore-certified buildings often incorporate innovative technologies and practices aimed at reducing their carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability.

These initiatives include intelligent energy management systems, waste recycling solutions, rainwater harvesting infrastructure, and the use of sustainable, environmentally-friendly building materials. These measures not only reduce operating costs and improve the energy efficiency of buildings, they also help preserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create healthier, more sustainable workspaces for occupants.

The commitment to sustainability of WiredScore-certified buildings fits perfectly with the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) objectives of many companies. By choosing WiredScore-certified office space, companies demonstrate their commitment to supporting responsible business practices and helping to build a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

The impact on business productivity 

Optimal connectivity is an essential pillar of business productivity, and WiredScore certification makes a decisive contribution to this. WiredScore-certified buildings offer companies the means to optimize their day-to-day operations and boost the efficiency of their teams.

Thanks to fast, stable connectivity, waiting times for loading web pages, downloading files and accessing online applications are reduced to a minimum. Employees spend less time waiting and more time working efficiently.

Reliable connectivity ensures smooth, efficient communication between team members, whether working on-site or remotely. Virtual meetings, video calls and real-time collaboration are greatly facilitated, making it easier to coordinate and make rapid decisions, even when teams are geographically dispersed.

What's more, WiredScore-certified buildings often attract innovative technology companies and fast-growing startups, who place great importance on the quality of the digital infrastructure to support their development. Proximity to these companies creates a stimulating environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and collaboration, which can also boost productivity and creativity within tenant companies.

Label innovations and developments

WiredScore certification is constantly evolving to reflect technological advances and the changing needs of businesses and users. These innovations aim to ensure that certified buildings remain at the cutting edge of connectivity and sustainability, while meeting growing demands for environmental and social performance.

As mentioned earlier, sustainability criteria are increasingly being integrated into certification processes. The new WiredScore labels take into account not only connectivity and technology, but also green initiatives such as energy management, use of sustainable materials, and waste reduction. These criteria reflect the growing demand from companies and investors for environmentally-friendly workspaces

In addition, WiredScore labels are evolving to include more accurate and comprehensive connectivity performance measures. This includes Internet connection quality, download and upload speeds, wireless network reliability, and the availability of emerging technologies such as 5G. These criteria ensure that certified buildings offer state-of-the-art connectivity, essential in an increasingly digital working environment.

Next steps for real estate professionals

For real estate professionals, adopting WiredScore certification represents a crucial step in adapting to emerging market trends and creating value for their customers and investors. However, this should not be seen as an end in itself, but rather as the beginning of an ongoing transformation to remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

The first step is to fully integrate WiredScore certification into real estate development and management strategy. 

  • Involve teams in understanding certification criteria and assessing certification opportunities for existing properties and those under development.
  • Identify and plan improvements needed to meet WiredScore standards.

Real estate professionals also need to stay alert to market developments and emerging trends.

  • Take into account hybrid working and the growing demand for flexible workspaces.
  • Focus on environmental and social sustainability while positioning properties to effectively meet the changing needs of businesses and users, in order to generate sustainable returns for customers and investors.

Available resources and tools

Educational resources and training materials

For those interested in learning more about WiredScore certification and best practices in connectivity and sustainability, a variety of educational resources and materials are available from WiredScore.

  • Videos and interviews hosted by experts
  • Online resources such as practical guides, case studies and blog articles
  • Training courses to become an expert in connectivity

In conclusion

WiredScore certification plays a crucial role in the evolution of the real estate sector, offering quality connectivity, increased resilience and a sustainable approach. This certification is not only a guarantee of quality for companies looking for high-performance office space, but also a key differentiator in an ever-changing competitive market. 

As a flexible office operator, Deskeo understands the importance of WiredScore certification. By partnering with WiredScore-certified buildings, Deskeo guarantees its customers high-performance work environments in terms of connectivity, resilience and sustainability. Contact us today to find out more.

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