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Whether you're a company or a landlord, Deskeo can provide you with a 360° vision of your fit-out project! Thanks to our expertise, our creativity and our know-how, we are fit-out specialists, ready to help you find your perfect fit, the best workspace for you. Our architects, construction engineers and workplace managers are on hand to guide you and meet your requirements. They can work on your entire project or on a one-off basis, as required. 

Your offices (re)designed for you

We offer a full range of services to optimize your workspaces and maximize the value of your real estate assets.

- Consultancy & action plan

Our approach is to rethink your workspaces so that they perfectly match your needs. We offer a design consultancy service, accompanied by a personalized action plan. To achieve this, we organize collaborative workshops and strategic discussions with your teams. Our project team aims to fully grasp your company's working methods in order to effectively manage your office layout and space planning, and design the perfect open space, meeting rooms and workstations.

We focus on several aspects: firstly, making the most of your space. This means optimizing the use of your premises to make the most of them, taking into account the specific needs of your teams. Secondly, we support you in implementing new internal processes, such as flex-office or telecommuting. These changes require effective adaptation and management to ensure their success within your organization.

Finally, we provide you with a detailed action plan to bring your space planning project to fruition. This plan includes recommendations from our analysis and consultations, with a view to optimizing your workspaces and implementing new processes smoothly and efficiently.

Our collaborative approach and personalized advice are designed to help you make the most of your professional offices, while integrating new ways of working to improve the productivity and well-being of your teams.

- Project management assistance

We assume a steering role to oversee and coordinate all administrative, planning and budgetary aspects of your project.

Our main aim is to relieve you of the burden of these operational responsibilities, enabling you to concentrate on other strategic priorities within your organization. Acting as your project management assistant, we take charge of the day-to-day management of the project, ensuring an optimum overview at every stage.

On the administrative side, we take care of documentation, approvals, contracts with service providers and all the other paperwork required for the successful completion of the project. In terms of planning, we draw up and follow a detailed schedule to ensure that each stage is completed on time. Finally, as far as the budget is concerned, we ensure that expenditure is managed transparently and in line with defined objectives.

Our AMO role also enables us to quickly identify and flag up potential warning points on the project. Through proactive monitoring, we are able to anticipate potential problems, propose solutions and adjust the plan if necessary.

- Functional and Service Analysis (for owners):

Our Functional and Service Analysis service is specially designed for property owners wishing to make their buildings more attractive and functional. We work closely with you to identify areas for improvement to optimize your real estate assets.

Functional analysis aims to assess the capacity and efficiency of each space within your building. Our aim is to ensure that every available floor or space is optimally utilized, taking into account its function and added value for your project. This involves a thorough check of the layout and use of each area, ensuring maximum utilization of available space.

On the other hand, service analysis aims to inject greater dynamism and connectivity into the interior of your property, while promoting interaction with the external environment. To achieve this, we carefully study the surrounding context, including nearby shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. This study enables us to recommend the types of services that should be integrated into your building, such as catering options, sports facilities, concierge services, co-meeting spaces, and so on.

Following this in-depth analysis, we present you with our detailed recommendations on how best to integrate these services into your building. This includes information on the budget required, the implementation schedule, as well as advice on how to integrate them harmoniously and efficiently.

- Architectural and Technical Audit (for owners):

Our Architectural and Technical Audit service is designed for property owners wishing to keep their offices or buildings compliant with ever-changing standards and regulations. We understand the importance of being informed and up to date with the latest regulatory requirements such as the Décret Tertiaire, ISO Standards, as well as certifications and labelings such as BREEAM, HQE, among others.

As part of our support services, we help you to fully understand the technical and architectural specifics of your building. Our first step is to identify existing strengths and areas for improvement within your building.

To do this, our team of experts carries out an in-depth audit of your building's various technical packages, including electrical, fire safety, air conditioning, ventilation and energy efficiency. This enables us to assess compliance with current standards, identify any optimization needs and propose recommendations for improving your building's technical performance.

In addition to the technical audit, we also carry out an architectural assessment. This analysis covers aspects such as building structure, waterproofing, and floor and wall coverings. The aim is to identify any structural problems, renovation or maintenance requirements, while ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.

- Feasibility study (for owners) :

Our Feasibility Study service is a crucial step after the audit phase. Once we have completed an in-depth audit of your building, we can carry out a detailed feasibility study, providing you with a clear, costed view of the various possible optimizations.

This feasibility study includes several concrete deliverables to enable you to visualize and understand the proposed improvements. These include detailed plans, 3D views of the project for a better visual representation, and a precise costing of the work to be undertaken. This costing includes estimated costs for the various aspects of the project, giving a clear idea of the investment required.

Project planning is also an essential part of our feasibility study. We'll provide you with a detailed, step-by-step schedule, enabling you to visualize the chronology of the work, and giving you a clear idea of the timescales required to complete the various phases of the project.

Our main objective with this feasibility study is to give you a complete and precise overview of the possible improvements for your building. These deliverables will give you a better understanding of the technical, financial and time implications of the proposed optimizations, helping you to make informed decisions about implementing the desired improvements.

Deskeo Achievements

Swan Paris 11

Surface1665 m2

Parisian fintech Swan called on Deskeo to find and fit out its new Paris offices. The challenge of this collaboration was twofold: to find a suitable workspace and to fit it out so that it reflected their identity and that every detail contributed to reinforcing Swan's spirit and values. Challenge accepted!

Epsor Paris 8

Surface420 m2

Since 2018, we've had the privilege of accompanying Epsor through the various stages of their development, and today it's with great pride that we welcome them to a brand new space specially designed for them at 66 rue de Rome, Paris 8.

Sorare Paris 9

Surface1750 m2

Sorare looks back on the experience of its design project with Deskeo. From the search for a location capable of absorbing their meteoric growth to the customization of their space to reflect their multisport DNA. And our teams succeeded!

Doctrine Paris 8

Surface1300 m2

When Doctrine called on Deskeo to design their new offices, the objective was clear: design a space that integrates the company's DNA while facilitating inter-team communication and employee well-being. The result: a more spacious, hybrid, welcoming and practical office space, offering a genuine living environment.

Decathlon Paris 9

Surface2000 m2

Decathlon Technology found the perfect combo for its new offices when it selected a Deskeo building. A place where as much care has been given to the workspaces as to the employee experience, with a range of services dedicated to productivity and well-being.

Sumup Paris 9

Surface500 m2

SumUp called on Deskeo to completely rethink its Paris offices and adapt them to new ways of working, while preserving the company's DNA: fun, audacity, ambition, hard work, team spirit... A major project that our Design & Build teams were delighted to take on!

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We design spaces that embody the culture and ambition of your company. Interior architects, draughtsmen, designers and project managers ensure that your offices reflect your values and create a strong sense of belonging among your employees.



Furniture and decoration are carefully selected to make your workspace a real place to live. The furniture is durable, functional, high performance and designer, with a wide choice of textures, styles and moods to reflect your brand identity.



Deskeo assists you in your renovation projects: restructuring, refurbishment, repair. Our engineers, works managers and project managers manage the work in accordance with the established schedule and budget.

Others solutions
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Frequently asked questions

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questions fréquentes

What are the advantages of a professional office fit-out?

Professional office design optimizes space, improves ergonomics, boosts productivity, reinforces corporate culture and creates a more pleasant working environment for employees.


How do you determine a company's specific office design needs?

Needs assessment takes into account workflows, team interactions, preferences for open or closed spaces, equipment requirements and corporate culture.


What is space planning and why is it important?

Space planning is about optimizing the use of available office space, taking into account specific activities, functions and needs. It is crucial to creating an efficient and functional working environment.


What are the current trends in office design?

Current trends include flex-office, coworking spaces, ergonomic designs, relaxation zones, the use of sustainable materials, and the integration of innovative technologies to foster collaboration.


Why choose Deskeo for your office fit-out?

At Deskeo, we don't just design workspaces. We are creators of living and working environments.

Our priority is to provide you with an exceptional work experience!

Our expertise lies in designing your ideal space, shaping welcoming, functional and sustainable spaces that serve as the setting for your professional and festive moments, all in a unique setting... yours. We offer a 360° approach with reduced environmental impact. We create spaces that faithfully reflect your company's values and culture, to inspire your talents and boost their productivity.