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Our team will support you in the renovation, refurbishment and makeover of your workspace, offering a holistic 360° approach to understanding and bringing your project to fruition.

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Renovating your office isn't just a cosmetic gesture. More than just an aesthetically pleasing refresh, it's above all an operation to optimize your workspace and design your office to make it more user-friendly and functional.

But renovating an office isn't something you can do with a snap of your fingers. It can therefore seem a monumental task to the non-expert...

Professional office renovation with Deskeo

You want to renovate your premises but don't know where to start? Don't have the time to take care of it? Don't panic, Deskeo is here for you!

We know better than anyone that renovating an office is a complex and time-consuming operation. That's why our aim is to simplify the task for you.

Whether you're simply looking to refresh the look of your offices, or you're planning a complete overhaul, we'll take stock of the situation for you and support you in your renovation project.

The importance of office renovation and design

In business, the well-being of employees is closely linked to their working environment.

Renovating offices is therefore not just a question of aesthetics. Above all, it's a strategic project that can :

- Improve well-being at work: Well-designed offices can improve productivity and reduce stress by optimizing space and providing an ergonomic, comfortable environment for your employees.

- Reveal your corporate identity: Renovating your premises is a golden opportunity to express your company's image and values.

A working environment that reflects your brand will not only encourage employee commitment, but also reinforce your image with customers, partners and suppliers.

- Attracting new talent and retaining employees: Modern, bright, well-designed premises are an asset in attracting current and future employees to work with you.

- Bring compliance and safety: Ecological and safety standards are constantly evolving. Renovation is therefore an opportunity for you to improve existing installations to comply with current standards in terms of safety, accessibility and energy savings.

That's why it's crucial not to take office renovation and fit-out lightly.

But to reap the benefits of such an operation, you need to proceed methodically.

Our engineers, site supervisors, project managers and construction economists steer the construction phase of your project, keeping you fully informed. We are your single point of contact, saving you time and energy during your renovation project. Our aim is to deliver a quality project, on time and on budget.

The 4 key stages of office renovation

An office renovation is a major project requiring careful planning and meticulous execution. But rest assured, with a little logic, there's nothing insurmountable about it.

Deskeo outlines the key steps you need to take to successfully renovate your premises.

1. Identifying needs and planning

The first step is to identify your renovation needs and objectives. To do this, you need to :

Analyze the existing space: Evaluate the current space to identify what's working and what needs to be improved.

Define objectives: Clarify what you want to achieve with the renovation (modernization, better use of space, compliance, etc.).

Consult employees: Involve your employees in the planning process to understand their needs and preferences.

2. Design and plans

Designing and drawing up layout plans are crucial steps. This means :

Choose a designer/architect: Select professionals who understand your vision and needs.

Drawing up plans: Drawing up plans is a fairly technical stage. It's best to work closely with your designer to create detailed renovation plans.

Consider ergonomics and well-being: Make sure the design promotes a comfortable and healthy working environment.

3. Renovation work and site supervision

Next comes the work phase, which may involve a variety of interventions:

- painting,

- building insulation,

- electrical wiring,

- installation of new equipment,

- walls to be knocked down or built,

- etc.

Remember to check on the progress of the site during the work to make sure that all your requests have been taken into account.

4. Fitting out and finishing

Once the work is finished, it's time for the furniture and finishing touches. The choice of furniture, lighting and decorative elements will all contribute to creating a pleasant and productive workplace.

Office renovation and ecological values

At a time when the environmental stakes are higher than ever, office renovation must incorporate an ecological dimension.

Not only is it good for the planet, it can also help you :

- Comply with current energy standards.

- Reduce your carbon footprint.

- Optimize energy consumption and lower your energy bills.

- Enhance your corporate image.

It is therefore preferable to opt for :

- Ecological materials with low environmental impact.

- Energy-efficient equipment such as LED lighting.

- Energy-saving appliances...

Renovation success: 5 things to avoid

When renovating an office, there are certain pitfalls to be avoided to ensure the success of your project.

The main mistakes to avoid include:

- Not consulting a professional: Office renovation is not a trivial task. There are many points to consider and standards to comply with. It is therefore strongly recommended that you enlist the help of a professional (architect/designer) for your project.

- Lack of planning: Renovation without detailed planning can lead to delays and unforeseen costs.

- Random choice of service providers: The choice of professionals to carry out your work should be based on their qualifications, experience and recommendations. Don't rely solely on the price quoted. It's better to pay more and be sure that the work will be carried out properly.

- Lack of prior consultation with employees: They know their workplace better than anyone else. Their feedback can be invaluable in identifying necessary improvements.

- Underestimating the budget: Take all aspects of the project into account to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In conclusion, a well-planned and well-executed office renovation can truly transform your business.

By optimizing space, enhancing employee well-being and reinforcing brand image, you create an environment conducive to productivity and creativity.

You'll also give your company a new dynamic that will be felt by all.

Our Achievements

Swan Paris 11

Surface1665 m2

Parisian fintech Swan called on Deskeo to find and fit out its new Paris offices. The challenge of this collaboration was twofold: to find a suitable workspace and to fit it out so that it reflected their identity and that every detail contributed to reinforcing Swan's spirit and values. Challenge accepted!

Epsor Paris 8

Surface420 m2

Since 2018, we've had the privilege of accompanying Epsor through the various stages of their development, and today it's with great pride that we welcome them to a brand new space specially designed for them at 66 rue de Rome, Paris 8.

Doctrine Paris 8

Surface1300 m2

When Doctrine called on Deskeo to design their new offices, the objective was clear: design a space that integrates the company's DNA while facilitating inter-team communication and employee well-being. The result: a more spacious, hybrid, welcoming and practical office space, offering a genuine living environment.

Sorare Paris 9

Surface1750 m2

Sorare looks back on the experience of its design project with Deskeo. From the search for a location capable of absorbing their meteoric growth to the customization of their space to reflect their multisport DNA. And our teams succeeded!

Sumup Paris 9

Surface500 m2

SumUp called on Deskeo to completely rethink its Paris offices and adapt them to new ways of working, while preserving the company's DNA: fun, audacity, ambition, hard work, team spirit... A major project that our Design & Build teams were delighted to take on!

Decathlon Paris 9

Surface2000 m2

Decathlon Technology found the perfect combo for its new offices when it selected a Deskeo building. A place where as much care has been given to the workspaces as to the employee experience, with a range of services dedicated to productivity and well-being.

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Our team advises you on the design of your work space, with a 360° vision of your project and its specificities. Architects, works engineers, workplace strategists, we provide comprehensive or adhoc services according to your needs.



We design spaces that embody the culture and ambition of your company. Interior architects, draughtsmen, designers and project managers ensure that your offices reflect your values and create a strong sense of belonging among your employees.



Furniture and decoration are carefully selected to make your workspace a real place to live. The furniture is durable, functional, high performance and designer, with a wide choice of textures, styles and moods to reflect your brand identity.

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We can help you design your work space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Top #5

How can I maximize energy efficiency in a refurbished office space?

To maximize energy efficiency, we favor the use of eco-responsible materials and equipment. We design spaces with an intelligent layout of equipment to encourage natural light, minimize energy consumption and adopt sustainable solutions for heating, ventilation and lighting.


What are the criteria for choosing the right materials and equipment?

When selecting materials and equipment, we take into account quality, durability, ergonomics, resistance to wear and tear, aesthetics, environmental impact and functionality. We select components that meet the quality standards and specific needs of your business.


How important is the choice of materials and furniture in an office design project?

The choice of materials and furniture is crucial, as it contributes to the atmosphere, comfort and functionality of the workspace. Quality materials and ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing furniture can enhance employee well-being and have a positive impact on productivity.


Can you take care of the upkeep and maintenance of spaces once the work has been completed?

We offer comprehensive services that include the upkeep and maintenance of refurbished spaces. Our teams ensure that your offices remain in excellent condition after the work has been completed, guaranteeing an optimal, functional working environment.


What are the advantages of calling on Deskeo for an office refurbishment project?

Choosing Deskeo ensures a complete and professional approach to your project. We offer tailor-made support, multidisciplinary expertise, innovative solutions, efficient project management and meticulous follow-up to create functional, aesthetic workspaces in tune with your needs.