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Architects, specialized engineers and project managers dedicated to the professional environment: our team intervenes on a global or targeted basis to respond precisely to your requirements and optimize your layout by integrating furniture adapted to your needs.

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In the professional environment, furniture is more than just functional. It is also a key element in conveying your company's image and helping to establish a strong brand identity. Your office design makes this possible!

At Deskeo, the choice of furniture is of the utmost importance. We pay particular attention to selecting products that combine ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics and the right price. Our extensive network of suppliers, with a wide range of styles, enables us to offer a diversity of solutions. Some of our partners offer eco-responsible, recycled or recyclable furniture options, illustrating our commitment to sustainable choices.

Our approach

Modularity and ergonomics are key criteria in our approach. We are well aware of the new ways of working and their evolving requirements. Ergonomic furniture contributes to the health and well-being of employees, while modularity makes it easy to adapt to changing needs.

Our range of services includes : 

- Sourcing the right service providers for your project and your budget: We take charge of finding and selecting suppliers and service providers that are suited to the specific requirements of your project and within your budget. Our extensive and diversified network enables us to find partners that precisely meet your needs, whether aesthetic, technical or financial.

- Furniture selection taking into account your brand identity and user needs: We make a point of choosing furniture that faithfully reflects your brand identity while satisfying the functional requirements of your employees. Our approach integrates the study of ergonomic needs, modularity and flexibility of furniture to guarantee a comfortable workspace adapted to each user.

- Eco-responsible solutions and/or second-hand furniture: We are committed to the environment, and propose eco-responsible alternatives for your furnishings. Our offer includes environmentally-friendly furniture solutions, whether recycled, recyclable or derived from sustainable production processes. In addition, we also explore opportunities for quality second-hand furniture to contribute to a sustainable and cost-effective approach.

- Logistics management and installation to ensure optimum implementation of your new furnishings: Our team takes charge of the entire logistics process, from receipt of orders to final installation. We ensure that every piece of furniture is delivered and installed on time and to the agreed quality standards. This logistical management ensures a smooth transition to your new furnishings, guaranteeing an optimal and functional set-up of your space.

Our Achievements

Sorare Paris 9

Surface1750 m2

Sorare looks back on the experience of its design project with Deskeo. From the search for a location capable of absorbing their meteoric growth to the customization of their space to reflect their multisport DNA. And our teams succeeded!

Doctrine Paris 8

Surface1300 m2

When Doctrine called on Deskeo to design their new offices, the objective was clear: design a space that integrates the company's DNA while facilitating inter-team communication and employee well-being. The result: a more spacious, hybrid, welcoming and practical office space, offering a genuine living environment.

Sumup Paris 9

Surface500 m2

SumUp called on Deskeo to completely rethink its Paris offices and adapt them to new ways of working, while preserving the company's DNA: fun, audacity, ambition, hard work, team spirit... A major project that our Design & Build teams were delighted to take on!

Decathlon Paris 9

Surface2000 m2

Decathlon Technology found the perfect combo for its new offices when it selected a Deskeo building. A place where as much care has been given to the workspaces as to the employee experience, with a range of services dedicated to productivity and well-being.

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We design spaces that embody the culture and ambition of your company. Interior architects, draughtsmen, designers and project managers ensure that your offices reflect your values and create a strong sense of belonging among your employees.



We design spaces that embody the culture and ambition of your company. Interior architects, draughtsmen, designers and project managers ensure that your offices reflect your values and create a strong sense of belonging among your employees.



Deskeo assists you in your renovation projects: restructuring, refurbishment, repair. Our engineers, works managers and project managers manage the work in accordance with the established schedule and budget.

Autres solutions
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Frequently asked questions

Our top #5

How can furniture improve daily life?

The right furniture can make a big difference to everyday working life. By choosing ergonomic and functional furniture, it is possible to reduce physical tension, improve posture and thus employee comfort. It also promotes greater productivity and helps reduce stress at work.


How to choose durable equipment?

To select durable equipment, several criteria can be taken into account. First of all, favor recyclable or recycled materials, and products with recognized environmental certifications, such as eco-labels or certifications from organizations specializing in sustainability. Opt for manufacturers or suppliers committed to an eco-responsible approach, reducing their carbon footprint throughout the production process. Evaluate the product's durability over time, taking into account its sturdiness, resistance to wear and tear, and ease of recycling or reuse at the end of its life. Finally, prioritize equipment or furniture designed to minimize waste and encourage a circular economy. 


How can the right furniture encourage team collaboration and creativity?

Well-chosen furniture can stimulate collaboration and creativity by offering varied and adaptable workspaces. Informal meeting zones, brainstorming areas, shared offices or even relaxation areas can encourage exchange, communication and innovation within teams.


What are the latest trends in office furniture?

Current office furniture trends focus on employee well-being. This includes the integration of ergonomic furniture, dynamic seating, modular spaces that encourage movement, and the introduction of plants and natural light to create soothing, pleasant spaces.


Why choose Deskeo to help you choose the right furniture?

Deskeo offers in-depth expertise in the choice of furniture adapted to the specific needs of each company. Our specialized teams understand the requirements of modern workspaces and are able to provide tailor-made solutions to promote a productive, ergonomic, stimulating and environmentally-friendly working environment.